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Unwanted Furniture Removal (NYC)

J&M Cleanouts can remove any kind of unwanted furniture you may have that you want to get rid of. No matter if you have wooden furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, or even glass furniture to dispose of, we can handle it. J&M Cleanouts are very experienced furniture removal specialists. We are strong and very careful.

Furniture Removal New York City

Each and every job is completed in a very professional manner. We have all the necessary tools needed to complete each job in a very safe and orderly manner. No matter if your furniture is big or small, light or heavy, NO problem!!! If it was easy, you wouldn't have called us.

We can remove any sofa, couch, sofabed, dresser, mattress, bed, table, recliner, TV, electronics, chair, wardrobe, entertainment center, shelve, closet, TV stand, etc in New York City area: Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, all of Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk counties, as well as Westchester areas.

Furniture Removal from appartment in New York City (before) Furniture Removal from appartment in New York City (after)

J&M Cleanouts carry Liability Insurance and New York State Worker's Compensation for each job.

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