NYC BIC #489952
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Why choose J&M Cleanouts?

One of the best assets of J&M Cleanouts is that it is an owner operated corporation. What does that mean? Let me go into detail a little bit. When you call J&M Cleanouts, the owner, which is myself - John Merritt, will answer the phone and assist you from here on out. I answer all the phone calls, I do all the estimates, and I am on all the jobs. If I am not able to give you a quote over the phone for some reason, I will arrange to meet you on location for a fast, hassle-free estimate in person at the job-site. Most estimates take less than 15 minutes. Once you show me what has to be done and what needs to be hauled away, I will give you a free estimate, and the price will not change, and there is never any hidden fees at all. Once we agree on a price, I will then set up a date to render service that is good for both of us. I myself will be back with the crew to assure you a smooth cleanout will occur. Most other companies you may call, will have someone answering phones to take messages, then you have another person calling you back asking for more details, then a third person coming out to the jobsite to give you the estimate, and then finally a fourth person whom you never met before, shows up on the day of the cleanout. All that is just a receipt for disaster. Something always tends to go wrong. With over 20 years experience in this industry, I have seen it all and done it all. I built this business myself from the ground up, based on pride and integrity, our reputation and reviews prove how reliable we are.

Another great asset when dealing when J&M Cleanouts is that we truly are fully licensed and fully insured. We carry General Liability as well as NYS Worker's Compensation. We have all the necessary insurance and documents to work in any building in New York. Most other companies, about 75% are NOT insured. Both the license and insurance is to protect, both J&M and you as a customer, from accidental injuries or damages that can possibly occur while working on your property. Can you imagine the nightmare if you hired a company that is not insured, and a worker gets hurt on your property, or damages something on your property? If you ever have any doubt, ask the company to provide proof of insurance.

J&M Cleanouts is also licensed by the New York City Business Integrity Commission #489952. What does that mean? In NYC, any company wishing to pickup, transport or dump any kind of trash must apply for a license or registration. Before a license or registration is granted, BIC conducts background investigations of the applicant business and its principals' good character, honesty and integrity, while fingerprinting and photographing all principals of any carting business. So before allowing strangers into your home or business, it is strongly suggested that you make sure that the company you are working with is licensed by the NYC Business Integrity Commission. After all, if they are not licensed to haul your debris, they are not permitted to use any dumps in NYC, so there is no telling where your unwanted belongings will end up.

Our trucks are much bigger than any other competition's franchise truck. We finish most jobs in one day. Don't be fooled by their per-truck fee tactics. Especially when they claim to not know, before the job starts, how many trucks they will fill up. They will charge you per-truck load, but will not break up the big items, therefore filling up the truck much faster, and charging you for another truck load.

J&M Cleanouts supplies all the necessary supplies and tools to get the job done quickly but safely. Most jobs can be completed in one day, smaller jobs can be done same day service. All jobs are left broom swept.