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Yard Debris, Weeds, Trees, Branches, & Leaf Removal and Cleanout (NYC)

Yard debris, weeds, any size trees branches or leaf cleanup from your property.

Backyard grass and weeds removal in New York City (before) Backyard grass and weeds removal in New York City (after)

J&M Cleanouts can clear out and remove any and all the different types of it, anywhere in the New York City area, 5 boros, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island or Long Island. We provide a full line of spring cleanups, from gutter cleaning to power washing to lot clearing, we can handle any size job.

Did you know?

If you wanted to dispose of your yard waste in NYC on your own, you may place it to the curb during collection days, tree branches must be tied up in bundles, and can not be more than two feet high and not more than four feet long !!! ANY SHARP points, ie; nails, thorns, etc. must be removed or atleast flattened out completely before being put to the curb. Furthermore, according to Federal Law, any wood from trees on residential properties in Queens or Brooklyn is subject to special handling due to the infestation by the Asian Longhorned Beetle, so all residents in Brooklyn or Queens MUST schedule an appointment for a special NYC Parks & Recreation handling by going on the web or calling 311.

For your Knowledge:

A rash from poison ivy, or poison oak is caused by an oil found in these plants called Urushiol, it often can cause an itchy, blistering rash for up too weeks, when the oil comes in contact with your skin. Even by just touching a garden tool, sport equipment, or just a pet's fur you cause an allergic reaction. Urushiol can remain ACTIVE for years even after the plant is dead !!!!

J&M Cleanouts carry Liability Insurance and New York State Worker's Compensation for each job.

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