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Carpet & Rug Removal (NYC)

J&M Cleanouts can come to you and pull up and remove any and all types of carpet or rug, no matter the size that you may have.

Carpet Removal - before (NYC) Carpet Removal - after (NYC)

Carpet Removal in appartment - before (NYC) Carpet Removal in appartment - after (NYC)

We service the New York City areas, 5 Boros, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island or Long Island. We can even pull up and remove any kind of padding that is underneath the rug or carpet. We also will remove all the tacks or staples that are usually under the rug/carpet holding it in place. We also can remove any carpet from the stairs as well.

Did you know?

New York City Sanitation Department can and will pick up your old carpet or rug from your residence, but they have to be cut up and tied up in bundles no more than four feet long and no more than two feet high. ANY and ALL nails or staples MUST BE REMOVED prior to being out to your curb.

J&M Cleanouts carry Liability Insurance and New York State Worker's Compensation for each job.

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