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Newspapers and Magazines Removal (NYC)

Hoarding newspapers and magazines is much more dangerous than having hoarded simple junk throughout your house, and triple the risk if its in the basement of a building?

Newspapers Removal in NYC Magazines Removal in NYC Newspapers and Magazines Cleanout (NYC)

Did you know?

Hoarding newspapers and magazines increase the risk of fire due to the accumulation of the very combustible papers, and also can create breathing problems with all the dust and mold the paper brings.

Mice and roaches love to eat all kinds of paper, especially in hoarder environments. Breathing in these dropping from these pests, pose serious health hazards to not only humans but also to your beloved pets.

If you who know someone who has a hoarding problem, give J&M Cleanouts a call, we can help them clean up their home, and get the life back on track.

We service the entire New York City area, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, all of Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk counties, as well as Westchester areas.

J&M Cleanouts carry Liability Insurance and New York State Worker's Compensation for each job.

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