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Hoarder Cleanouts (NYC)

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Do you know someone, a friend, a neighbor, or a loved one, who may possibly be a hoarder? Maybe you are a hoarder yourself and need help? If so, I am so glad you found us!!

Here at J&M Cleanouts, we are a very brave and professional junk removal team. We are very accustomed to being invited into the unknown. Usually it is just a bad case of a cluttered dwelling, but a lot of times it is a severe hoarding situation. But with over twenty years experience now, we have seen it all. Nothing surprises us anymore.

Whether it be an apartment, condo, co-op, single family home, or a multi family residence, we have come upon many different levels of hoarding.

Most hoarder situtaions are relatively the same for the most part. They all seem to stockpile items that are absolutely useless and worthless to most of us all. Whether it be old food, newspapers and magazines, cloths, plastic empty bags or even random new and broken old items, in the end - its obvious, from the outside looking in, that someone’s health is at great risk.

Sometimes it just the hoarder at risk, but a lot of times, the hoarder situation is putting other people, whether other live-in family members, or total strangers that live nearby in a dangerous situation. The danger ranges from risk of fire to breathing in dangers from mice and roach droppings. We even seen raccoons, squirrels, opossum, skunks invade some of the severe hoarder homes.

We hear plenty of excuses from the hoarders themselves, most common being ‘What if I need it one day’, or ‘I don’t want to risk throwing out something that may be valuable’. Once the bathroom is filled from floor to ceiling, and the bathroom fixtures such as sink, toilet and shower, become completely buried and 100% unusable, this is definitely now a serious health hazard. Having said that, your guess is as good as mine as to how and where they are relieving themselves or bathing. Also, once the kitchen is filled from floor to ceiling as well, and the stove and refrigerator becomes 100% buried under all the hoarding debris, and they can no longer even cook anymore in their own kitchen, this becomes a chain reaction to an unhealthy path down the road for themselves.

We seen cases where the hoarder goes days without eating, to cases where the hoarder eats fast food every night, which becomes expensive and very unhealthy. We have seen bedrooms covered from floor to ceiling as well. With no bed in plain sight, we have no choice but to wonder where they sleep every night! Some homes are so completely filled that the rooms actually become unpassable and increases the risk of injuries due to falls, especially with the elderly. Not to mention if there is an actual emergency, the responding emergency personal will have a problem navigating the property in a safe manner.

Cleaning out a hoarder’s house is a very delicate situation as it should be. Discretion is an absolutely must, and is one of our highest priorities in dealing with these situations. Most hoarders care about how their neighbors will react if they actual see how they live day to day. Again we cannot stress how important discretion is when executing a hoarder Cleanout.

Many hoarders hide actual cash and actual valuable items amongst their piles and lose track of where they “hid” the valuables. Hiring an honest, caring and trustworthy company such as J&M Cleanouts increases the chances of recovering any such valuables lost amongst the debris. Our experienced team members can and will work diligently with the hoarder to search and recover any particular valuable or important lost items.

After a few years of providing cleanouts and junk removal services for residential homes in New York, I couldn’t help myself from feeling bad for these individuals and decide to do a little research of my own. Of course, for starters, the obvious conclusion I come to is that hoarder is usually a mental issue.

My research lead me to learn that studies have shown that hoarder’s frontal lobe of their brain, always finds to function very differently. The frontal lobe is known for weighing options out and being able to think rational. Having said this, the sad truth is, the hoarder problem is not 100% solved once J&M Cleanouts removes all the debris entirely. Most hoarders will more than likely need further mental help to help maintain their newly found clean home, so they do not start hoarding all over again.

We offer a very wide range of junk removal services, based out of Queens, New York, but we are licensed to service all of New York City and Long Island. Please call us at (718) 496-2572 for any assistance . We offer free consultation for any of your Clean out needs and estimates are always free.

J&M Cleanouts carry Liability Insurance and New York State Worker's Compensation for each job.

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